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The Background

UK based Fitzwilliam Capital Partners are a property investment firm, developing and selling high-yield buy-to-let residential properties across the UK. The business works with both experienced and first time investors, helping them to build highly profitable buy-to-let property portfolios.

Fitzwilliam approached Digirank in 2015 as they needed help building their brand and growing their network of buy-to-let property investors. The aim was to support their pipeline of existing and future property investment projects.

Fitzwilliam Capital Partners invested in 12 major property projects in 2015-16.

The Strategy

The key campaign objective was to acquire high quality leads for the internal Fitzwilliam sales team to convert into new investors for Fitzwilliam Capital Partner’s properties. Understanding the pipeline of property projects was very important in the overall strategy of selling properties off-plan.

We built a highly targeted PPC campaign aimed at people wanting to buy investment property in the UK. We focused the majority of the activity around the property locations, but also expanded the reach UK wide to appeal to investors nationally. Activity was mainly focused on Google Adwords and was made up of Search, Display and Retargeting campaigns.

Over time the digital strategy has evolved to include nurturing lead data using effective email campaigns. These are aimed at retaining and reactivating previous investors and converting colder leads into warmer ones.

The Outcomes

933%Campaign ROI in 2016

In the first year, the campaign exceeded all target metrics:

Year 1 (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016)

  • 272 leads
  • 17 property sales
  • Lead–to-Property Sale conversion rate 6.3%
  • 10% Cost of Sale
  • Campaign ROI of 933%
4xGrowth targets for 2017

Year 2 (Nov 2016 – Nov 2017)

We’ve got steep growth targets to achieve in 2017 and this requires a much broader digital acquisition strategy for year two. We will be expanding the project to include additional channels such as SEO, email, social media. Digirank will also be working closely with the Fitzwilliam Capital Partners team to help nurture existing clients and improve retention rates. We’re up for the challenge and are really excited to see how the project grows in the coming 12 months.

“From the outset, the team at Digirank embraced the brief set by Fitzwilliam Capital Partners with a main focus on brand visibility and strength of product offering to potential clients. Digirank have continued to work closely and provide detailed MI throughout the journey. Having now seen physical results, a board level decision was to turn up the temperature gauge for 2017 and we have every confidence in the Digirank team not to buckle under the heat yet continue to deliver results.”

fitzwilliam capital partners
Chris Hyde, Director Fitzwilliam Capital Partners