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28% Year-On-Year Increase in Website Revenue

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Website: OakFurnitureSolutions.co.uk


Oak Furniture Solutions started life in 2007. The company was created by founder Robin Hunt to offer a high quality solid wood furniture product nationally.

Digirank were enlisted at the start of 2010 to manage the company’s paid search campaigns. Alongside this activity, Oak Furniture Solutions also worked with SEO agencies in order to raise the volume of organic traffic to the website. Whilst SEO had historically generated strong results, the changing search landscape meant that the Oak Furniture Solutions website started losing traction in the organic space during 2013. This led to a greater reliance on paid search.

In 2014 Oak Furniture Solutions decided to address this by revisiting their online marketing strategy, and Digirank were brought onboard to help increase their overall online visibility and revenue being generated via the website.


The key objectives of this campaign were to grow total volumes of website traffic, transactions and revenue, whilst also improving the efficiency of the paid search advertising spend.

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The first step to achieving the objectives involved Digirank reviewing the website to understand why performance had started to dip and where improvements could be made.

Improving efficiency of Advertising Spend:

Paid search had always been a key traffic driver for the site, and until the organic traffic volumes picked up it was really important to ensure efficiency in this area. Daily checks and weekly optimisation activities were carried out in order to maximise return for this channel whilst not compromising sales volumes. We used the paid search channels on Google and BING to ensure high visibility for general terms, as well as specific brand and furniture type terms. The Google Shopping campaign was created to ensure strong presence in all areas of the search engine results, and this has proven to be a key revenue driver for the site.

Increasing Traffic Volumes & Reducing Reliance on Paid Search:

Following a long and crucial period of research and analysis, we were able to identify issues that had led to dips in organic traffic volumes. From this point, we were then able to set about developing a strategy to reverse the trend and start driving traffic & revenue in an upwards direction.

The next step of our project involved carrying out research to gain a better understanding of the target audience sectors and their online behavior. This information enabled us to create a highly tailored strategy and optimise the website in line with both search engine and user requirements. The following areas, along with others, were addressed at this stage:

  • Website structure
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Website content improvements
  • Technical improvements
  • Integration with Social Media Channels

This initial phase allowed us to stabilise the website and ensure that all ongoing work was built on solid foundations.

Next came our ongoing strategy, which was focused on raising awareness of Oak Furniture Solutions amongst the target audience and building the sites reputation back up with Google. The ultimate aim for the project was to increase the volume of revenue being generated by the website. In order to achieve this, we developed a fully bespoke digital strategy which involved different digital acquisition channels.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, we developed a plan for improving the website structure, ranking potential and user journey for the website. Creating new landing pages for specific product searches and optimising these has been a key part of our ongoing strategy, and our investment in this area has ben significant due to the size and range of products offered on the site.

Creating engaging, relevant content targeted to the audience and promoting this to them via social channels has been another key part of our ongoing work.

Whilst examining the search habits of their users, we identified some significant opportunities for content. One example of this included developing product buying guides, offering valuable information about certain types of furniture in order to bring users to the site and also increase conversion rates.

We have also worked closely with the in-house team at Oak Furniture Solutions in order to develop a strategy to improve the performance of their social media channels. Social media has proven to be a significant channel for improving brand awareness and promoting content as well as supporting and generating direct conversions.

28%increase in revenue


In the months after we launched our integrated digital marketing approach for Oak Furniture Solutions, we began to see the website recovering. Where we had previously been seeing consistent dips in traffic year-on-year, we started to see deficiencies growing smaller. Within the first few months, these negative numbers disappeared altogether and we started to see overall traffic reaching its highest ever levels in a very competitive market.

Year-on-Year Performance Improvements:

  • 20% increase in total website traffic
  • 23% increase in total transactions
  • 28% increase in total revenue


“The team at Digirank have spent time really getting to know our businesses and they are always looking for new ways to increase our website traffic and sales. We see them very much as a part of our team and really value the input that they give.”

Robin Hunt Oak Furniture Solutions
Robin Hunt Managing Director