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Website: SenateHouseEvents.co.uk


Senate House is a building owned by the University of London. Five years ago, UoL decided to reposition the building as a standalone venue available for hire in order to increase revenue from external sources. They developed a new brand identity and website to promote the venue. Digirank were enlisted at the start of the website build process to assist with the online marketing to maximise the venue’s potential.


Senate House Events was created with the aim of reaching out to a new target audience online. Before the separate website was created, the venue was mainly used to host internal university events. Event booking agents also helped to fill the space with occasional external events.

Senate House Events needed to build visibility online for key areas relating to their offering, including weddings, conferences, party venue and film location hire. This would allow them to reduce reliance on third parties and generate their own direct enquiries, bookings and revenue via the website.

75%of all new business coming via website
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Our digital strategy over the last five years has included a blended approach of PPC Adwords advertising, website optimisation, content marketing and social media promotion.

The overarching aims of the campaign is to increase brand awareness, generate traffic and ensure maximum exposure online.

On an ongoing basis we carry out extensive research relating to the types of event that Senate House want to attract – weddings, conferences, exhibitions, film location shoots.

We continue to ensure that the website remains well optimised for the search engines to be visible to each of these target audience sectors in organic search.

The Google Adwords PPC campaign ensures that the site has good visibility in paid search, thereby maximising the opportunity to capture the search traffic in Google.

We use Google’s PPC Display network to build brand awareness and ‘retarget’ users who had previously visited the website.

Our content creation strategy has been focused around:

  • Creating content to engage users who may be interested in each type of event. E.g. weddings, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Creating content to promote the venue itself and its location in beautiful Bloomsbury.

Wedding and conference audiences have very different needs so they each required their own individual digital strategy and plan. Both the content and the style in which it is presented, and the avenues for promotion are carefully researched and planned for each audience.

We utilise multiple social media platforms that are relevant to each audience. Understanding how each sector finds and digests information is really key to the success of the content. We discovered, for example, that the wedding industry is hugely visual and has a very large presence on Pinterest. Creating content specifically for Pinterest offers huge opportunities for reaching this audience.

Building strong relationships with relevant audience sectors and key industry influencers in these areas has opened many doors for content promotion.

We have seen the website through several development changes during the course of the last five years, working alongside web developers at various stages to ensure that the site evolves to reach its full potential of attracting growth in traffic and enquiries.


Five years into the project and the website continues to show steep year-on-year growth in traffic and enquiries. In 2016, organic website traffic grew by 46% year-on-year, overall traffic grew by 27% year-on-year.

On average 75% of new business enquiries are coming from the website. The business was reporting an average year-on-year turnover growth of 50%.

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“As a non-digital marketing expert I find that the team at Digirank are able to explain the concepts of digital marketing in terms that I can understand. They are constantly exploring news ways to attract our target audience and they have been able to tailor their services to fit in with our financial constraints.”

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Charlie Vernon Business Development Manager