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Content Marketing

Driving engagement and connecting with your audience

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Actively engage your target audiences, moving them towards a desired action
Drive new people to your site, making them aware of your service & USPs
Demonstrates that you are an active business to web users & search engines



We listen to your target audience to understand exactly what interests them, what they value and what would be most useful to them in relation to your business.


We come up with unique & compelling ways to communicate with your audience – selecting the right information & presenting it in the right way to add genuine value.


We promote the content we create through various channels to make sure that the right people see it at the right time to ensure maximum engagement and desired outcomes.


We analyse the performance of the content focussing on audience engagement. This provides learnings that then feedback into the strategy for future content.


Digirank offer content marketing services as part of our integrated digital marketing service. Digital content marketing is about adding value to your target audience through engaging, original online content.

What is Content Marketing?

Before we talk about content marketing we need to establish what content is. Content is anything that your business puts online. It can span everything from a YouTube video to a ‘How To’ guide, from a blog post to an Instagram post.

Content marketing is all about creating unique content specifically for your target audience and then promoting it to them. The content should engage the reader and move them towards a desired outcome.

How Content Marketing Works?

Content marketing is an ongoing process of creation, promotion and learning. It begins with an understanding of your target audience. This requires research, segmentation, and developing a comprehensive picture of their needs. Once we understand what your audience values, it is all about creating content that delivers it.

Why You Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing allows you to regularly engage with your target audience in meaningful ways. Over time this develops trust, brand loyalty, recommendations and ultimately more sales. We use it to develop your brand values and communicate your unique selling points effectively.

Content is also a great way to bring new people to your site and introduce them to your services. By regularly adding high quality content to your site, you show web users and search engines that you’re an active and engaged business online.

Content marketing is effective for both B2B and B2C audiences. The audiences’ needs are different but B2B content marketing involves providing value in just the same way as B2C.

Content Strategy

At Digirank, content is always created in line with a digital content marketing strategy. This ensures that every piece of content has a clear purpose and works towards achieving specific content marketing objectives. These objectives can be anything from education to exposure to targeting a few specific people.

By developing a content marketing strategy, our content marketing experts in Bristol deliver genuine value to your audience and help you achieve your business goals. The content strategy adapts over time as we learn more about your audience and identify new opportunities.

Content Marketing Methods

There are a number of different content marketing methods and techniques that we use strategically. Content can benefit organic SEO by earning links and increasing search visibility around certain terms. We can pay to promote content via PPC, create content specifically for social media and work with other publishers to ensure your content reaches the right people.

One marketing technique we use involves creating personas for people in your target audience. We find out what questions they ask, what information they need and what stage in their journey they are at when they visit your site. This forms the basis of our content strategy.

Content Development

Once we have content marketing objectives locked in, we follow a creative ideation process that allows us to develop original and effective pieces of content. We then develop these ideas into pieces of content to sit on your website or online.

As we better understand your business and learn more about your target audience, we develop the content. This includes establishing a clear tone of voice and marketing your brand. Content creation is all about consistency – reinforcing your brand values and messaging and developing a strong tone of voice across all platforms.

Content Marketing Campaigns

We create a content marketing plan that is aligned to our overall digital marketing strategy for your business. We then create and promote content in-line with an editorial calendar. Some of the work Digirank carry out is campaign based. Our content marketing campaigns involve a piece or series of content that is promoted to particular audiences and influencers. These campaigns ensure that the right people see the content and it delivers relevant traffic to your site.

Content Writing

Creating content is a huge part of what Digirank do. Before we write any content for you, we interrogate it strategically, carry out in-depth research, plan and structure the piece, and then deliver the content in the most effective format.

When it comes to content writing, our content marketing team in Bristol includes talented in-house writers that have backgrounds in B2B and B2C copywriting, creative writing and journalism. Content writing is about producing clean, compelling copy that speaks to your audience and is written specifically for the web. Content is consumed differently online and therefore online content writing differs from traditional copywriting.

At Digirank, as a content marketing agency, we pride ourselves on delivering creative content. With a team of creative minds and strategic thinkers, the content we create for you will deliver genuine value to your audience in original and engaging ways.

And it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in – we have a proven methodology that allows us to create content that engages your audience. We are vastly experienced in researching topics and then creating content that is compelling, even within niche sectors.

Once the content has been created, a content promotion strategy then kicks in, ensuring that the right people see the content at the right time.


Content also covers the words on the pages of your website. It is vitally important that these are written in a persuasive way that speaks directly to your audience. Our team has web content writers that are highly experienced at creating compelling copy for B2B and B2C businesses.

Creating amazing and valuable content is a huge part of our integrated digital marketing service. Once we have created the content, we then make the most of all the work we’ve done with your target audiences to ensure that the right people get to experience it. The process is cyclical so once one piece has been created, it all begins again. We learn, we listen and we create, all the while engaging with the people that matter most to your business.

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