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Answering your questions about working with Digirank.

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Chances are you will have questions about our online marketing service. You want to know more about what Digirank do, how much it will cost in terms of your time and money, and what you can expect from working with us.

We’ve done our best to answer the common questions that we get asked to give you more insight into how we work.

About Digirank

How long has Digirank been in business?

Digirank started in 2009, so we’ve been delivering results-driven campaigns for over eight years. We have a loyal team of strategic and creative thinkers, who have over 35 years combined digital marketing experience.

Does Digirank offer SEO?

The service that we deliver today has been developed and refined over the past seven years as the industry has evolved.

We believe that ‘SEO’ needs to be viewed as part of a combination of techniques used to achieve the business goals, and not as a channel in isolation.

All the work we do for clients is with the aim of making their websites more visible to their target audience to drive website engagement. SEO is just one of many channels we utilise as part of a digital marketing campaign.

Does Digirank offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Yes, we offer PPC as part of a wider online marketing campaign and as a standalone service. This channel is a highly effective way of achieving your goals in the short and long term. We can set-up brand new accounts from scratch or inherit existing migrated accounts.

Why use Digirank when the business can hire someone in-house?

We are experts. Digital marketing is what we do day-in day-out and we have a proven track record of successfully transforming businesses online. When you choose us, you don’t just get one head. You get a team of experts with many years of combined digital experience.

When we start working together, our team simply becomes an extension of yours – where we are all working towards the same goals. And if you’re not happy with the results after the first six months, you don’t have to continue working with us!

Why choose a niche agency like Digirank over a full service agency?

We have chosen to keep our offering niche to ensure that we’re able to continue being experts in the field. By focusing on digital marketing exclusively, we are able to ensure that we are a master of one trade rather than a jack of all.

For projects that require a new website design and / or branding, then Digirank can recommend suitable partners to deliver this part of project and will work alongside these partners from the start. This ensures that the website is designed and built with best-practice optimisation techniques. If you’d prefer to just have contact with one agency then we can project manage this relationship on your behalf.

Costs, Contracts & Commitments

Is there a long-term commitment?

We ask you to commit for a minimum of six months, which gives us enough time to start generating compelling results. After that it’s a rolling monthly contract.

We’re not interested in locking clients into long contracts – we want them to stay with us because we are generating great results! We are super proud of our excellent client retention rate. We’ve been working with some of our clients ever since Digirank started seven years ago.

What are the fee structures for a full digital marketing project*?

We ask for a monthly retainer based on the amount of time we know is required to achieve your goals. The more time we have to spend on your campaign each month, the quicker and potentially larger the results will be.

Each client is unique but typically we spend between 3 – 6 days per month on a client project, depending on variables such as the size of the website, the objectives and the competitiveness of the industry.

Will there be any hidden costs for a full digital marketing project?

There are no hidden costs. We cover all of our work in the set monthly retainer.

The client covers any paid media costs, for example, Google Adwords spend.

Why do the costs quoted by other agencies vary so greatly?

There will be differences in levels and depth of service offered by Agencies, and this will impact price. Try not to compare a £250 per month service with a service that is in advance of £1,500 per month.

It’s important you understand what the agency is delivering for the costs quoted. There is always a relationship between what the business puts into the campaign and what you get out of it. We know from experience what time is required to generate good results, anything less than this will fall short, not enabling the business to grow and meet its targets.

RELATIONSHIP: How’s This Actually Going to Work?

Who will be working on my account?

Typically, each client account will have a dedicated Account Manager, Head of Strategy and Director working on the account – from campaign strategy through to implementation. Meet your extended Digirank team here.

Will Digirank share what is being done on the website and the reasons why?

Yes, we will. We pride ourselves on transparency and we will take the time to explain the work we do, any changes to your website and the reasons behind these changes.

Is all the work done in-house by the Digirank team?

Yes. From time to time, we will call upon our trusted network of graphic designers, illustrators and video producers for one-off projects to enhance your campaigns

The business is based in London, Digirank is based in Bristol. Does this matter?

We work with clients across the UK. We aim to see our local clients once a month for a face-to-face meeting. But for those clients who are a bit further away, we have a monthly call and face-to-face meeting each quarter or bi-annually.

How often will the businesses expect to be contacted by Digirank?

We schedule monthly meetings over phone, video conferencing and face-to-face, to discuss performance and strategy. The Account Managers will also have regular contact with clients throughout the month over phone and email. Plus, we’re always at the end of the phone or email if clients need anything!

How will Digirank get to understand the business?

Digirank will spend time getting to know your business by talking to you and your team, and asking challenging questions. We will also spend time analysing data, ‘listening’ to your audience online and researching your industry and competitors. This all helps us to gain the best possible understanding of your business and your industry.

For our local South-West clients, we’re also able to spend time each month working from the client’s office to really get under the skin of what the business does.

DELIVERABLES: Who’s doing what and when?

What will be delivered and when?

After an initial meeting with you, we will put together a proposal outlining how Digirank can help your business, including examples of our work and a comprehensive plan that outlines what will be delivered over the course of the campaign and when.

Will Digirank be creating content for the website?

Creating content for your website is a key part of a digital marketing strategy. We make sure all content adds value to your target audience and contributes to achieving your goals. If your offering is particularly in-depth or technical, we may ask that your in-house team create certain types content with our guidance. All content will be hosted on your website for maximum benefit.

How can Digirank create content when they don’t know the business or the industry?

Our team is made up of highly skilled content writers, who take time to understand your business, your industry and target audiences. We carry out our own in-depth research using a range of tools. Direct input from clients is also hugely beneficial throughout the content creation process and all content is approved before being put live.

Content for marketing purposes (rather than for your core website pages), in some cases, can often benefit from having a ‘non-industry’ perspective, without the industry jargon.

Can Digirank provide examples of content produced for other clients?

Yes, of course. As part of any new business proposal, we include examples of the content we’ve produced for some of our existing clients.

Will Digirank be managing the business social media accounts?

Social media is a key part of any digital marketing project. These platforms are fantastic for creating and harnessing relationships with key industry influencers and customers (potential and existing), and for researching and promoting content. Therefore having Digirank involved in the management of these accounts will be hugely beneficial for the overall digital campaign success.

In some instances, it can be more appropriate for the client to manage ‘company specific posts’ themselves internally. In this case it becomes a hybrid approach where the Digirank team and the in-house teams work in conjunction with each other across these platforms.

PERFORMANCE: Measurement, Results and ROIs

How quickly will the business start seeing results?

The first three months are all about developing the digital strategy and laying the foundations for a successful long-term project. After this point, you should start to see an uplift in online visibility and improvements in your key metrics and goals.

What will be the uplift in traffic in Year 1?

It’s important to point out that it’s not all about traffic. We believe that it’s much more important to get the right people to your site at the right time and engage them, rather than getting traffic for the sake of traffic… Quality over quantity.

But back to your question…

Although we’ve been doing this for nearly 7 years, it is impossible to predict the uplift you will see in the first year. Every project is unique, each industry is different, and all websites respond in a different ways.  Clients typically see healthy year-on-year growth from year 1 and beyond.

Read our case studies to understand what we have achieved for other clients.

What results can Digirank guarantee?

Unfortunately, we can’t ever guarantee results. That said, no agency can (be wary of those that do). Ultimately, search engine algorithms have a huge impact on results, as do industry and competitor changes. These can all be pretty unpredictable. We always follow search engine best practice guidelines and draw on our digital expertise to continually and proactively improve a website’s online performance.

Our proven track record in transforming and helping our clients businesses grow online has built us a very loyal client base. We’d be happy to provide any potential clients with references from our existing clients who can vouch for our work.

What will be the expected Return-on-Investment (ROI)?

We will work with you to define an ROI target at the start of the project. As above – we can’t ever guarantee a specific result or ROI – but we can work towards these goals. With paid search campaigns specifically – we will manage all activity to meet a target ROI and report this metric each month.

How often will results be reported?

We provide bespoke monthly performance reports to include all the metrics that are important to you. Your Account Manager will then spend time taking you through these reports , explaining all the data and performance metrics and the work we’ve been doing. We may request extra information to ensure we’re able to understand the wider impact of the project – as often, the online data is only part of the picture.

What’s the Digirank ‘new client sign-up’ process?

  • Step 1: Call to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help.
  • Step 2: Our Client Development Manager, Ian, or our Director, Nicola, will aim to meet face-to-face with all prospective new clients (location permitting) or Video call (if location is a challenge) to further discuss working together.
  • Step 3: Digirank will deliver a proposal, examples of past work, project plan and deliverables, including costs.
  • Step 4: Client decision.
  • Step 5: Contracts drawn up & signed by both parties.
  • Step 6:  Project kicks-off!