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A Content Marketing Case Study: Ignite Energy


A Content Marketing Case Study: Ignite Energy

Written by on January 17, 2019 in Digirank News

At Digirank, we’re really proud of the work we do for our amazing clients. Our hard work directly helps our client’s businesses grow and expand, and that’s something we want to shout about.

This month we want to share Ignite Energy’s story, a client who has seen huge YOY growth as a result of our SEO and content marketing service.

Helping Ignite Energy reach their business goals with content marketing

Ignite Energy work in a niche B2B industry, providing business energy solutions throughout the UK. Their service helps their clients control how much they’re spending on energy. They do this through innovative methods and technologies, along with careful management.

They came to Digirank because they wanted help raising awareness around their service, as well as generating more leads.

Due to the complex and niche nature of their service, we needed to think outside of the box in order to help them generate both the higher service visibility and the leads that they wanted.

How we met Ignite Energy’s Goals

Phase 1: On-site website optimisation

To reach Ignite’s goals, we first carried out detailed keyword research and re-optimised the website pages based on common search terms.

This made sure the existing webpages were best optimised to answer and address the most common search terms around Ignite Energy’s service.

After that, we created new content to answer user’s queries that weren’t already addressed on the website. This allowed the website to capture more search-based traffic surrounding the service.

Combined with the optimised, conversion focused copy in phase 1, this was approach was very powerful. More people were able to reach the site due to better-optimised pages, and when they did, they were more compelled to take an action because of the proactive, bespoke copy.

Phase 2: Optimising the website copy

Then, we overhauled the website’s content, ensuring that the web copy met the user’s search intent as precisely as possible.

It’s important that websites target their audiences with proactive, bespoke content to aid conversions. So, by changing how Ignite Energy’s website spoke to its visitors made a big difference on the website’s conversion rate.

Phase 3: Creating content to push and pull

We then created a content strategy that worked from a both “push” and “pull” perspective. This is because there was a generally low awareness around the service in general, so we needed content that would educate the target audience around Ignite Energy’s service, as well as answer the queries of those searching for it.

We created content pieces designed to meet a keyword specific search need, answering common search queries. Then, we created other content pieces to educate the key audiences about the service. We then used social media and biddable media channels to target the predefined audiences, making sure they saw the educational content and making them aware of the service.

This two-pronged approach meant we were able to capture both active and passive audiences – exactly what Ignite Energy set out to achieve.

The Results

Since starting the project, Ignite Energy has seen some impressive results, especially when it comes to high-quality website traffic. This increase in traffic has resulted in a higher number of high quality leads that the company wasn’t seeing before.

As well as this, they’ve also seen the following results:

content marketing case study results

Content marketing at Digirank

At Digirank, we really get content marketing. We understand how when used right, it can do wonders for even the most niche of businesses.

So, if you’d like some help on your content marketing strategy, our dedicated SEO and content marketing team can help you. Give us a call on 0117 923 2021 or email us at