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A PPC & Biddable Media Case Study – Maintaining Growth for Permagard

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A PPC & Biddable Media Case Study – Maintaining Growth for Permagard

Written by on July 1, 2019 in Industry Updates , Digirank News

At Digirank, we love working with clients who crave online growth. We thrive off the fact that our hard work directly helps our clients see their businesses take off and expand in ways like never before.

So, this month we’d like to share an example of how we used a PPC & Biddable media led strategy, (mixed with content and User Experience UX) to help our long-standing client, Permagard, achieve the ambitious growth they wanted.

Maintaining online growth for Permagard

We’ve been working with Permagard for nearly 9 years, and during that time we’ve seen them go from strength to strength. They’ve experienced huge growth over the last decade, and our biddable media campaigns have had a big impact on website growth.

However, in 2018, our fine-tuned biddable media strategy needed to change. We faced three new challenges:

  • The risk of overall plateau after so many years of growth.
  • Increased competition.
  • Permagard needed support to position new products as effectively as possible while maintaining and ideally growing the overall ROAS of the account.

With our PPC campaigns already tactically structured and fully optimised, creative thinking and precise implementation were needed to increase the overall ROAS of the account while successfully increasing the market share of a new key product.

Our new PPC & Biddable Media strategy

To increase 2018’s ROAS for Permagard and overcome the above challenges, we focused on the following:

  • Optimising shopping campaigns on Google and Bing Ads – Specifically, for the new products which were a core focus for the client.
  • General CRO – Overall, we wanted to increase the conversion rate on the site in order to improve sales in a market with strong competition from national brands. 
  • Mobile ad delivery improvements – We wanted to reach customers when they needed the products most. This also linked with improving the CRO of the mobile site.
  • Linking PPC with content marketing – We wanted to take advantage of the work our agency’s content team did on the client’s site and monetise it by using statistical insights and activity from the PPC campaigns.
  • Audience and remarketing targeting optimisation – We wanted to better use the data we had to more effectively remarket and increase sales from our audience lists.

Getting creative with PPC & Biddable Media

By tying the biddable media strategy to our content strategy, we increased the conversion rate across the site.

Firstly, we used data from our paid search campaigns to improve the results of on-site content. We included add to basket links on relevant blog articles featuring products we knew performed well on PPC.

We then included these highly relevant blog articles as Sitelink extensions. This meant our biddable media strategy fed in and enhanced the content strategy – making the PPC campaigns more valuable than ever.

We also expanded the Shopping campaigns to help us generate a bigger market share with the new products. Despite already having had a presence in this area, we needed to increase budget while scaling ROAS.

However, the client’s new products were of higher value. So, in order to make sure we captured the right audience (i.e. the audience who would pay more for the higher value products) we targeted audiences with values of £500+ plus.

Mobile had also been an issue in 2017, with performance lagging behind desktop. So, we worked closely with the developers to improve the mobile experience to improve conversion rate.

With audiences, we closely examined the data and made sure we fed the highest converting audiences with the right ads – especially across the Shopping campaigns.

Overall PPC & Biddable Media results

The results in 2018 show that our PPC & Biddable strategy achieved its goals. These were to:

  • Avoid plateauing and achieve further YOY growth
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Successfully market the client’s new products

YOY the biddable media accounts saw an ROAS increase of:

  • 25% from 2017-2018 on Google
  • 19% from 2017-2018 on Bing
  • An overall ROAS of 987%

Overall YOY conversion rates were:

  • Up 25% on Google
  • Up 28% on Bing

Results of Audience Lists

Use of data-driven attribution has given us better insights to work from, including a:

  • 17% conversion rate from our audience lists. This is 27% above the account average of 3.04%

We also saw the following ROAS increases from audience lists:

  • All Visitors 21% YOY
  • Previous Purchases 4% YOY

Mobile Performance 

  • Mobile revenue from PPC increased by 31% YOY
  • Mobile conversion rate from PPC increased by 50%

Improved Blog Page Performance

  • 35% YOY increase in blog Page Value due to using the paid search statistical insights

Overall Shopping Campaigns

Despite an overall YOY increase in Shopping campaign competition of 44%, our work on conversion rate optimisation and audience optimisation helped deliver:

  • 35% YOY increase in conversion rate
  • 53% increase in ROAS
  • Average outranking shares of 35% above main competitors

New Product Results

  • Revenue in this area increased from Shopping by 29%, despite competition in this area increasing YOY by 11%
  • ROAS increased by 101% – from 591% in 2017 to 1189% to 2018
  • Overall conversion rate in this area increased by 33% YOY – from 1.62% to 2.16%.

PPC & Biddable Media at Digirank

At Digirank, we really understand PPC & Biddable. What’s more, we also understand how the biddable media channel integrates with other digital marketing channels to deliver even stronger results.

So, if you’d like some help with your PPC & Biddable campaigns, our dedicated team would be delighted to help you. Give us a call on 0117 923 2021 or email us at