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Online PR

Promoting your business online and protecting your reputation

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Increase brand awareness online
Protect & enhance your brand’s online reputation
Engage audiences & increase sales



Working in a collaborative manner, we help develop and define your core brand values to be communicated to your target audience.


We monitor the web and social media for brand mentions, both positive and negative, and respond appropriately.


We enhance your reputation by pushing out positive brand messages to the people that matter.


We refine your brand messaging to make it speak more effectively to your target audiences.


Online PR or digital PR is all about promoting your brand and increasing positive online publicity. It works closely with other digital marketing channels like social media and content marketing to achieve your goals for growth.

What is Online PR?

For Digirank, online PR boils down to getting the right message to the right person at the right time. As well as promoting your business and offerings, it also includes protecting your brand reputation online.

We work with you to develop your brand and maximise your online publicity, using social media and other channels. Online PR is enhanced by the data and insights that we collect, helping us get the best results and maximum exposure from any work we do. We influence the people that matter and spread the word about what you do better than everyone else.

Audience Insights and Profiling

Knowing your audience, their needs, where they spend time online and how they behave is essential to online PR. You can only effectively target customers by trying to understand them first. We research your target customers so that we can then profile them. The purpose of creating and developing customer personas is so that we can create content to inspire them. This applies for both B2B and B2C clients. We then use email marketing, paid advertising and social media to get key messages in front of them.

Brand Strategy

Having a clear brand strategy online is key to growing your business. The ultimate goal is to develop your brand so that it inspires loyalty and trust amongst your target audience. Our strategy employs various techniques to raise awareness and positive responses to your business online.

Brand Positioning

You know your brand best and we will work closely with you to pin point where you sit in terms of other brands, your competitors and how this works with your target market.

Once we are clear on your brand positioning, your values and your USPs, we can develop your brand identity online. A strong tone of voice and a clear visual identity forms part of this identity. By ensuring brand consistency across all channels, your audience knows what to expect and starts to build a relationship with you.

Brand Awareness

One of the key goals of online PR is to increase brand awareness. We run short and long term campaigns to raise your profile amongst the audiences that matter to you. Once we have carried out audience research, we push out messages and compelling content to your target markets. Digirank has a multi-channel approach to raising brand awareness. The channels include:


We promote your brand and amplify your messages online. To do this, we work with other publishers, form relationships with influencers in your field and create genuine online communities. By nurturing online communities and connecting with influencers we can amplify your core messages.

We develop relationships with various publishers including media outlets and bloggers in order to get your content in front of the right people and increase your exposure.

Brand Management & Online Reputation Management

The nature of the internet means that you need to actively protect your reputation online. Brand protection is therefore a big part of our service. We use various tools to monitor the web and social media for mentions of your brand.

When it comes to negative comments, bad reviews and complaints, we alert you immediately and provide advice on how best to respond. This can be on social media, in forums or on various review platforms. You will know how important customer service is to your business – we enable you to expand good customer service to the online space.

Analysis and Reporting

As part of brand management, we can analyse and share with you reports on your online brand visibility including areas for concern and ways we can improve.

Online PR and brand management are essential if you are operating as a business online. Inspiring people to connect with your brand and protecting your reputation is core to increasing sales and loyalty. This makes that online PR is a vitally important element to our holistic approach to digital marketing.

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