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Flexible, targeted campaigns that deliver instant results

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Instant visibility & results
Flexible, targeted and easy to control
Easy to track and determine its effectiveness



We complete extensive research into your target audience and industry. This goes on to define which PPC networks to target, Ad formats, messaging, budget, ROI targets and PPC activity.


We build the PPC account with keyword lists and creative structured into ad groups & then high-level campaigns. We track the user journey from keyword through to conversion.


Once the PPC account is live, we monitor campaign performance on a daily basis to see exactly where budget is being spent and what conversions are being generated to calculate ROI.

Refine & Grow

We continually review the PPC campaign, assessing its performance, adding new keywords, changing CPC bids, testing new messaging. This ensures the PPC budget is spent efficiently & campaign objectives are met.

PPC Agency in Bristol

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a form of search engine advertising where advertisers target specific keywords to show their ads to a relevant audience and pay only when they receive a click on their adverts. It offers businesses a cost-effective, targeted way to quickly become visible online.

The key platforms that our Bristol-based PPC team work with are Google Ads and Bing Ads. Google Ads is Google’s advertising service. It allows people to advertise their website to relevant audiences on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and on third-party sites across the web.

These networks offer a range of PPC options to reach your audience including:

Search Advertising:

Search Advertising involves bidding for specific keywords and showing standard text ads for matched search queries on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Shopping:

Shopping listings allow eCommerce websites to show Product Listing Ads on SERPs for relevant product searches. These clickable ads include an image of the product and price. Our PPC experts help with the set up of Merchant Centres, shopping feeds and shopping campaigns.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising allows advertisers to show banner or text ads on relevant third party websites as users browse the web. Individual websites can be selected manually through placement targeting. There is also contextual targeting where Google displays ads on sites based on targeted audiences or keywords.

Google Ads Remarketing:

Remarketing or retargeting allows businesses to show ads to users who have previously visited their website as they browse the web. Remarketing can either be standard or dynamic – with dynamic pulling specific product information through into the ads.

Why your business needs PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing allows you to generate almost instant online visibility and targeted website traffic. It is highly adaptable, scalable, measurable and targeted. This means that no matter what your budget you can manage campaigns closely to meet the campaign objectives.

PPC can work well in a wide range of situations. These include increasing brand awareness, targeting users in a specific location, increasing sales of a certain product or promoting a time-sensitive sale. If managed well, it can be a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing channel.

PPC Management

Before Digirank launch any PPC campaign, we ensure that there is a clear strategy behind the activity. We make sure that the account is comprehensive, covering all relevant searches, and is logically structured.

Our PPC projects typically have two stages.

Stage 1 involves the following activities:

Stage 2 involves all on-going account management activities, including:

Cost-per-click (CPC)

Google offers a few different ways for you to pay for your online visibility and website traffic. CPC is the most common. The position where your ad actually appears is dependent on your maximum CPC bid multiplied by your Quality Score (this is your Ad Rank).

Google wants to ensure that high quality pages are delivered to its users, which is where the Quality Score comes in. Every keyword in your account will be assigned a score from 1 – 10, based on many factors, such as Click-through rate (CTR) and relevance.

Improving Quality Score effectively means that advertisers pay less for each click but stay in the same position. We therefore focus on this with our ongoing PPC account management and optimisation work.

Whether used on its own or as part of a joined up digital marketing service, PPC offers you an opportunity to increase your business’s online visibility and reach your target audiences. PPC can be used to attract quality website traffic, increase product/service sales, communicate a specific message, support a tactical promotion or push out a piece of content. And the beauty is you have full control over how much to spend, where and when to spend it. When integrated with other digital marketing channels, it is an extremely powerful tool to achieving your business goals. Although based in Bristol, Digirank are experienced in running campaigns nationally and internationally. Digirank are a Google Premier Partner agency and our PPC team are Google and Bing qualified, so you can trust to manage your Ads and generate significant results.

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