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Improves conversion rates & boosts sales
Helps increase positive attitudes towards your brand
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We research your target audiences so we can target them as effectively as possible through your website.


We optimise the design and structure of your site for improved user experience and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


We test any potential changes to your website to make sure they actually improve user experience and CRO.


We implement the changes that ensure your website delivers the best user experience and improves its conversion rate.


At Digirank, we want your website to engage your target audiences, offer fantastic usability and convert visitors to customers. In order to achieve this, we put user experience at the centre of everything we do.

What is UX?

User experience or UX refers to how your audience interacts with and engages with your website. It covers everything from usability and usefulness, to making sure the site appeals to your target audience.

UX Design

User research

Before we begin refining your website, we carry out user experience research. We work with you to find out the demographics of your brand and analyse your target audiences. Online tools and customer surveys also help us build up a detailed picture of your target customer groups. We also create personas which help us visualise who your target audience is and what they want from your website.

User centred design

User centred design is all about considering what users want and need at each stage of the design process. We establish these wants and needs in our user research phase, and test our assumptions. If you are getting a new website, it is important that user centre design is considered.

Website UX

User Experience Strategy

You must work out how your website design can be enhanced to achieve your specific user experience goals with maximum effectiveness. Devising a user experience strategy that is aligned with your online marketing strategy is key to a website’s overall success.

Website Usability

One of the key facets of user experience is the usability of your website. Is it easy to use? Is it intuitive? Does it function as users expect? Does it work across all devices? Usability is key to user experience, audience engagement and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Your website content and page structure are all key to helping users engage with and use your site efficiently. Making the user journey as easy as possible as they navigate the site, will help them achieve the goals you want.

Responsive Design & Mobile UX

An important element of good website UX is responsive site design. It’s so important than websites provide a great mobile user experience. Mobile design should be the key consideration in the design process. Google now gives a higher rating to sites that do so. A responsive website is key to fluid usability, ensuring your website looks good and functions well on any size of device.

Site Structure & Navigation

A significant part of improving the usability of your website involves site structure analysis. Does your website’s structure make sense? We ensure that the way pages link to each other, the way your navigation menus are set out and structured, and the way your subcategories fit inside each other make perfect sense. Without a sensible website structure to work with, even the best user experience designer will find it hard to deliver.

We also look at how distinct elements on your website work together. This allows us to identify the parts of your website that are essential and which may be unnecessary or could work in a different way such as the main navigation and menus.


Powerful calls to action (CTA) are crucial when it comes to improving CRO. CTAs are designed to provoke an immediate response in your audience, whether it’s to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Download Now’.

Effective CTA buttons give customers that extra push to convert whilst also giving them a clear path to complete their enquiry. They can take many different forms, from CTA buttons to banners. It’s important to carefully consider the design, purpose, micro-copy and landing page positioning of these to maximise their effect on the customer journey.


We approach conversion rate optimisation (CRO) with a logical plan of action. Using analytics and user feedback, we work to improve the performance of your website when it comes to generating sales or enquiries. This could involve changes such as making your CTAs more obvious or improving your landing page structure. When your conversion rate optimisation is at its best, so is your ROI.

It’s important to bear in mind however that user experience is not all about conversions. Focussing exclusively on conversions can have a negative impact on user experience, pressuring them unfairly.

UX Testing

A big part of improving user experience and CRO is to run user experience testing on your site. Making changes to your site could have a major impact, both positive and negative. It is therefore essential that we take steps to mitigate damages by testing any changes. There are several different types of tests we can carry out as part of your UX testing:

User Testing Tools:
We also use a range of user testing tools that focus on different elements of UX. They provide valuable insight into how people interact with your site and how we can improve it.
At Digirank, we put user experience at the centre of everything we do, carefully considering the usability of your website. We analyse and test every change we make, growing you an audience that cares about your products and services. When combined with other marketing channels, it creates engaged users that will keep buying from you over and over again.

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